Marlene Pape
Abstract, Landscape, Figurative, Seascape, Portrait Photography

    Marlene Pape has been painting professionally since 2003.
 Prior to that she was an elementary school teacher, interior
 decorator, model and children’s clothing designer. She paints
using acrylic on canvas, with her favourite subjects being trees,
skies and clouds. She has annual solo art exhibits (Art Square Gallery, Gallery 888, Arta Gallery,
Twist Gallery, Studio 888 and Cobalt Gallery in Toronto) featuring 30 -50 new works each year and has participated in numerous group shows with the Beach
Guild of Fine Art, The Riverdale Art Show, The Toronto Cafe Society of Artists, The Kingsway-Lambton Art Show and ArtistToronto. Her work can frequently be seen at The Beacher Cafe in The Beaches. Marlene’s
 art can now be found in over 500 private, corporate and public
 collections in Canada, United States, Serbia, England, Switzerland and Tazmania.
  When not preparing
 for exhibits, Marlene works on commissioned pieces from her home
studio in the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto. Her hobbies include
  photography and playing piano.


  'Painting is not a social activity. It requires that one be comfortable with one's own solitude for long periods of time. This isolated, but not at all lonely process is ideal for me as I am, at heart, a loner. As well, I feel extremely fortunate that I have the opportunity to follow and fulfill my creative passion on a daily basis.  When I begin a painting, I often have a vague notion of where I would like to end, but most of the time the painting has other ideas and so, much of my focus is on "listening" to the painting and "following" its lead. The subject may be a tranquil landscape or a turbulent sky or ocean, but it is always the play of light, shadow and reflection that brings the painting to life.'